User guide

Onitor Track


Heart rate clip

Charging cable


Charge your Onitor Track

To charge, place the Onitor® Track in the heart rate clip and plug the USB into a computer or a USB power outlet. This will charge both the Onitor Track and the heart rate clip.

Download the App and sync your Onitor Track

The Onitor Track app will be available from iTunes and Google Play Store. Search ‘Onitor Track’ to download the app. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your device settings then open the app and follow the set up process prompts. Click ‘connect’ and your mobile or tablet will then sync automatically with your Onitor Track.

Your 'How to' guide

How you wear it

Onitor Track has two modes. Wear it on your wrist to measure your daily steps, calories burnt, active minutes and sleep. Wear it clipped to the left underside of your sports bra to measure all of these plus your heart rate as you exercise.

To get the most accurate reading of your heart rate make sure the three contact points on the back of the heart rate clip are directly touching your skin.

Activity Tracker

ECG Heart Rate Monitor

How to place your Onitor Track in & out

In & out of the strap

To release the Onitor Track from the strap, hold the strap with the Onitor Track vertical and the strap button on the right. Gently press the Onitor Track down from the top and pop the Onitor Track out towards you.

To replace it, hold the strap in the same way. Take the Onitor Track with the contacts on the right and gently press it in, pushing it down and towards you until it clicks into place.

In & out of the heart rate clip

Hold the heart rate clip vertically with the brand name on the right and facing towards you. Hold the Onitor Track with the contacts on the right and press it at an angle into the bottom of the heart rate clip until it clicks into place.

To remove the Onitor Track, hold the heart rate clip in the same position and gently press the Onitor Track out at an angle from the top, right to left.

Understand at-a-glance information on your Onitor Track

The LEDs on your Onitor Track give you useful information - from how far you’ve got towards your daily activity goal to letting you know your battery status.

Your activity progress

Daily activity progress start state: Shows that your day’s activity is beginning.

Progress towards your daily activity goal: As you exercise, more LEDs come on to indicate your progress.

Goal achieved: You have reached your daily activity goal. Congratulations!

Your Onitor Track alerts

Low battery: Time to recharge.

Check the app: There may be a problem - go to the app to find out more information.

Onitor Track connected and charging: Status when the Onitor Track is charging in the heart rate clip.