Be the weight you want to be

Onitor® Track is a unique, dual-position wearable that helps you lose the weight you want in the time you want to do it. Our intelligent design lets you reach your target weight while you get on with the rest of your life.

Charcoal Track and black Strap

Rose gold Track and white Strap

Silver Track and red Strap

Two modes to give you unique insights

Uniquely, Onitor Track can be worn in two different ways. Either strap the Track onto your wrist or clip it to your sports bra.

The combined data recorded from these two modes gives Onitor Track the detail it needs to help you lose weight.

Dual-position activity tracker

By day, Onitor Track captures steps, active minutes and calories burned. Lights on the Track give you an at-a-glance status of how much of your daily activity goals you have achieved.

At night, it detects when you’re asleep and delivers a complete picture of your sleep patterns and duration.

ECG heart rate monitor

You can pop the Onitor Track device out of the strap when you want to exercise and attach it to your sports bra with a clip. This turns it into an accurate ECG heart rate monitor.

Stay in the zone

In the ECG mode Onitor Track helps you optimize your training by utilizing heart rate zones.

From the inside out

Onitor Track contains advanced technology in a compact housing that clips into a wristband.


The Track is lightweight, discreet and comfortable. A soft polymer strap means that you’ll hardly notice that it’s there.


Onitor Track is designed for everyday life – it is water resistant and its ceramic metalized casing and stainless steel ring protects it from accidental knocks and bangs.

  • Ceramic metalized casing
  • Circuit board
  • Electronics housing and battery
  • Stainless steel ring
  • Soft polymer strap

The bigger picture

Onitor Track automatically syncs with the Onitor Track app to give you a detailed picture of your activity with clear color-coded graphs showing everything from sleep cycle analysis to calories burned.

Delve into your Dashboard

Go to your Dashboard to see your activity stats and sign into Dashboard + to view more trends and detail.

Track your activity at a glance

The wristband has an easy-to-see loop of LEDs, which glow one-by-one to show your progress against your daily activity goal. Choose from steps, calories burned or active minutes.

Get a new level of accuracy

Onitor Track delivers a new level of accuracy by measuring your steps - be it on a treadmill or walking with your hands in your pockets.

Premium and long lasting

We’ve designed Onitor Track with you in mind, using premium watch materials that are beautiful and practical so your device will stand up to everything you throw at it.

Quality materials

From the stainless steel ring to the metalized ceramic finish and soft polymer strap, it’s built for lasting comfort.

Every detail matters

We’ve even gold plated the electrodes to supply you with the best heart rate signal and ensured the whole product is hypoallergenic.

Wear it with confidence

Onitor Track comes with three colour choices, offering a discreet and elegant look that fits your lifestyle – whatever it is.