Track and Strap

Heart rate clip

Charging cable

Onitor Track App

Technical specifications


LEDs displaying progress towards your daily goal


One lead ECG heart rate sensor

Three-axis accelerometer

Heart rate

The Onitor® Track is a highly accurate ECG heart rate monitor using heart rate training zones to get the most effective results from the time you spend exercising. By using your heart rate in the calculation of energy expenditure, the Onitor Track provides a more accurate overview of calories burned.

Battery and power

To charge, place the Onitor Track in the heart rate clip and plug the USB into a computer or a USB power outlet. This will charge both the Onitor Track and the heart rate clip. Battery life and charge cycles vary with use, settings and other factors. Actual results may vary.

Battery types

Lithium polymer rechargeable battery.


Your Onitor Track will store your data for 24 hours, within this time you will need to sync the device to the app for that data to be saved.

Size and weight

Size of the Onitor Track:
Length: 38.2mm
Width: 17.2mm
Height: 9.55mm

Size of the heart rate clip (without Onitor Track):
Length: 79.9mm
Width: 25.4mm
Depth: 17.6mm

Small strap size fits wrists ranging 140 - 180mm
Large strap size fits wrists ranging 165 - 215mm

Weight: 0.046kg

Water resistance

The Onitor Track is sweat, rain and splash proof. It is not swim proof.


If the strap gets wet or sweaty, wipe the strap before using it again.


The Onitor Track is made from a stainless steel ring with metalized ceramic finish with a soft polymer strap.

The clip uses gold plated hypoallergenic electrodes.

Environmental requirements

Operating temperature -20 to +50 C
Non-operating temperature -30 to +60 C
Altitude to 30,000ft (9144m)

Syncing & notifications

The Onitor Track syncs automatically to iOS and Android devices.

The sensor syncs data to the app every four seconds, provided it’s connected to the app.

The app syncs to the cloud every minute, provided it’s connected to the sensor and there is internet connection on the phone (3G, 4G, WIFI).

Features of the Onitor Track

Dual mode

Wear your Onitor Track on your wrist for daily tracking and clipped onto your sports bra for exercise and advanced monitoring.

Exercise programming

Choose your goal and target date for weight loss and our user centric system works with you, dynamically adapting programs and recommendations to deliver results.

High quality programming designed by experts

High quality exercise videos providing step-by-step instructions every step of the way.


Get nutrition information and advice in handy “fistful” quantities.


Monitor the calories you burn during the day and at night. Set your own personal target.


See how many steps you take towards your goal. Set your own personal target.


Monitor your rest and sleep automatically. Have a healthier day by achieving a more restful night.

Active minutes

See how many minutes you are active each day and set your own personal target.

Smart charging

Give your Track an extra boost as you work out thanks to the unique smart charging via the heart rate clip.

Care of your Onitor Track

Splash proof

The Onitor Track is sweat, rain and splash proof. It is not swim proof. It is important to keep the product dry and clean.

Cleaning your Onitor Track

Regularly clean your band by rinsing it with water when the Onitor Track is not inside the strap or wiping it clean. Avoid using any household cleaners or soaps on the strap in case of irritation of the skin. Make sure you dry the strap before putting it back on.

Cleaning the heart rate clip

As you’ll be wearing the heart rate clip whilst exercising, the surface touching the skin may get sweaty or wet. Be sure to wipe this dry after working out.

How to wear the Onitor Track and heart rate clip

Wear the wristband so that it’s not too tight, allowing for a bit of movement on your wrist.

When exercising, make sure the heart rate clip is positioned under the left breast and the sensors are touching the skin.